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The Tamriel Messenger (TTM) is a Discord Bot consisting of two main parts:

  1. This, the Discord Server Management Utility, and
  2. Elder Scrolls Online International, your Character Manager

This Website mainly serves as your hub to configure TTM on your Discord Server. Here is a short list of features that currently come with this bot:

  • Customized Welcome Messages
  • Post ESO News as they arrive
  • Live ESO Server Status Updates

Following is an ever-growing list of available commands that can be executed on your Discord Server. To make full use of this bot, head over to our Wiki to find out more!



One of our most beloved features is the /wiki command. It allows you to search the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages for anything Elder Scrolls related, and outputs it in a readable format right into your Discord Chat!

Profile Lookup

Using the other portion of this project, ESO International, you can import your characters from ESO. Then, using the /character command, you can look up your and others' characters!


This feature will be available in an upcoming version of TTM. Now you can create events on your Discord Server and invite people to join them - be it a trial in ESO, an RP-fest, or something in another game. It's up to you to make your events come to life!

Find out more

Join our Development Server for updates on patches, new features, and more. You can also come by to report bugs, request ideas, or just for a chat. See you there!